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Our R&D center conducts research and development in fields dedicated to the life sciences. We are presently developing the GLYCOLIPO™ technology, using target-oriented DDS nanoliposome, protein recombination and antibodies. These are used to create cell importation reagents, transfection reagents, and genetic recombinants, as well as research and development on targeted molecules and cell penetrability

Life sciences

Our R&D Center was established in April 2002 in order to commercialize the products we had developed ourselves that are specific to the life sciences. In addition to our own ideas for development, the Center also accepted research requests from universities and public agencies, including Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST: an independent corporation sponsored by the Japanese government). We intend to build a business by sending our domestic know-how out into the world market.

We are currently performing research and development concerning specialized molecule-targeting and cell penetration using nano-technology and biotechnology. This includes our GLYCOLIPO™ technology using targeted DDS nanoliposome, reagents for importing proteins into cells, gene transfection reagents, and recombinant proteins and antibodies for recombinant gene technology.

In March 2007, we signed a sales contract with GE Health Care Bio Science Co., Ltd. for molecule imaging reagents. This was the first product from this R&D center. By commercializing AIST technical ideas, and in cooperation with world-famous reagent manufacturers, we are in the process of approaching the global market. In November 2007, we also launched the "GLYCOLIPO™ antibody labeling kit" and we will be adding related products over time.

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