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We manufacture and sell functional components for various purposes and reagents for purpose-specific application. Our JIS and general-purpose reagents are sold through Sigma-Aldrich Japan K.K. We also manufacturer and sell medicines for xenodiagnosis that are indispensable for the diagnosis and treatment of disease, and raw materials used in medicines.

Functional phosphorus compounds

As a chemical reagent such as an intermediate body for medicines and pesticides, the derivative of the phosphorus compound having the physiology activity, flame retardants, the metal extraction agents, and so on, Alkenyl phosphorus compounds, Butadiene phosphorus compounds, Epoxy phosphorus compounds and Phosphorus compounds having chirality on Phosphorus atom that the basic-flame is R2P(O)C=C are lineup.

The offer of the library every system and the synthesis of kg scale is possible, too. In addition, we will cope with consultation of the trust synthesis of the phosphorus compound except the notation widely.

Phosphorus compounds having chirality on phosphorus atom
Alkenyl phosphonate compounds
Alkenyl phosphinate compounds
Phosphine oxide compounds
Butadiene phosphorus compounds
Epoxy phosphorus compounds
Flame retardants