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- GLYCOLIPO™ molecule imaging reagent
- Cellvader (reagents that transport substances into cells)

GLYCOLIPO™ molecule imaging reagent using a target-oriented DDS nanoliposome

This reagent identifies molecular interactions in living organisms, and monitors their activity. It does this by the use of chemically arranged molecule identification probes (sugar chains, antibodies, etc.) which can be fed or inserted into living creatures. Compounds of interest can be sealed inside the liposomes.

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GLYCOLIPO™ K series, K1
GLYCOLIPO™ sugar chain labeling kit
GLYCOLIPO™ antibody labeling kit
GLYCOLIPO™ contracted products

Our K series, sugar chain labeling kits, and antibody labeling kits can include a choice of Cy3, Cy5.5, or Cy7 fluorescent. These products are sold through GE Health Care Bio Science Co., Ltd. See the GE Health Care website for details about these products.

Reagent to transport proteins into cells 「Cellvader」

Cellvader: This reagent transports protein into cells It combines with proteins including antibodies and peptides, and those composites penetrate cell membrances Since the reagent combines hydrophilically with proteins it creates composite protein molecules. These composites are believed to be taken into the cell by binding electrically with Heparan Sulfate Proteoglycan on the cell surface before entering the cell. Because the transporter and the protein are not combined during the formation of the composites, the functions of the introduced protein are not degraded once it is within the cell. You can use this reagent to transport target objects inside a cell without damaging the cell membranes, whereas other methods such as the micro-injection method and electrophoresis damage cell membranes. Like GLYCOLIPO™, this reagent is sold through GE Health Care Bio Science Co., Ltd., starting in November 2007.

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Cellvader: Reagent to transport proteins into cells